holistic luxury sphere

a holistic metasphere to educate and inspire individuals to live responsibly, observe best practice conscious models and discovery paths towards one's self awareness.

BAV TAiLOR invites you to discover the narratives of the conscious luxury collection, to experience the shanti wellness space, and to explore the Artisanal Lab collaborations with TextileSeekers [main banner imagery]and Studio Kunukku to name a few.

Emerging from a life's journey of self-discovery across the international luxury fashion landscape, BAV TAiLOR is a hymn to the beauty of our world. Through the mantra 'respect your body+ your sphere', the brand encourages holistic living and love of our mind, body, and atman - the soul.

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BAV TAiLOR bespoke design vision and purpose-centred philosophy is infused into each respectful project she embarks upon.

Explore conscious collections, shanti wellness rituals and retreats or embark on a self-discovery journey guided by Bav's soulful consultancy.

Discover. Be Inspired. Act.


    circularity at the core, through digital design, low-waste sampling, and ethical production, which remain the essence of every creation


    focuses on the cultivation of new-generation materials, which support a more mindful approach of producing and consuming fashion


    the sphere embraces craftsmanship that ranges from authentic Italian sartorial production to artisanal lab craftsmanship from across the globe

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